>> Review Round-Up

Here are all of the links to my reviews from the past week, from PEARL JAM TWENTY through my Movies.com Fantastic Fest coverage…

Pearl Jam Twenty – “The bottom line is that Pearl Jam Twenty is a product.  Not just as a commercial film, but as one-third of an overall push that includes a two-disc soundtrack and a coffee table book.  It’s okay to recognize this, however, and still enjoy the film as an incredibly polished, loving product.”

The Human Centipede 2 (Full Sequence) – “Someone should let Tom Six know that exploitation cinema is just about the worst possible place for finger-wagging.”

Livid – “Bustillo and Maury seem to be channelling the wicked energy of Guillermo Del Toro, without any of that director’s substance.”

Melancholia – “Melancholia is certainly worthwhile, but disappoints by never digging any deeper into the subject matter than a thin performance and an on-the-nose metaphor.”

A Lonely Place to Die – “It’s simply too good to label it a misfire, but the film starts from the gate with such a confident, breathless level of suspense that it’s a shame that it can’t be maintained.”

The Innkeepers – “It’s really a perfect chiller for the scaredy-cat in your life.”

The Day – “The Day’s cannibalization of other, better films is its downfall; there’s just not enough unique material here to nourish.  If you can overlook that, you’ll find a standard bleak post-apoc action film with some thought-provoking character beats.”