>> Some thoughts on Watchmen and 2009.

WatchmenPoor, neglected website.  I’ve seen a ton of movies that I haven’t taken the time to review, for multiple reasons (most of them personal).  I plan on playing catch-up with a post filled with mini-reviews, but until that time, I thought I’d share my thoughts on Watchmen.  No, it’s not an “official” review from me, but I did want folks to know that this site wasn’t DEAD dead.

Before I saw Watchmen, I wrote a heartfelt Open Letter to Alan Moore for CyberMonkeyDeathSquad.  It probably reads a little corny or pretentious, but it’s honest.

As for the film…

The good:
–Patrick Wilson as Nite Owl grounds this film in reality and humanity, which is needed.
–Jackie Earle Haley (as Rorschach)  is awesome.
–You’ve never seen anything like it.
–Reminded me, at times, of a Stanley Kubrick film.
–It’s very faithful to the source.

The bad:
–Really questionable soundtrack choices.
–Feels long.
–Nixon’s make-up is god awful.
–It’s very faithful to the source.

I have no idea what people are going to think about this film, nor am I sure what number rating to give it myself (I lean towards an 8 out of 10, but that score reflects more on its ambition and artistic merits than it does personal entertainment value, which would probably be closer to a 7 or 7 1/2 for me).

It’s a deliberately episodic narrative, following the original individual issue structure, and I’m not entirely convinced that following that structure to a T created the best possible Watchmen film. As a film, it ends up playing out like a sci-fi noir murder mystery that takes really strange tangents from time to time. In the comic, that feels complex. In the movie, that feels meandering.

Still, you’ve never seen anything like this…


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