>> The Spirit: A Case of Miller Lite

The Spirit, heralded by some as the worst piece of crap to hit screens in 2008, will be gone from theatres very soon, possibly by this weekend. Somebody should eulogize this film, so I pick me. Hello there. I can tell from the box office totals that you didn’t take the time to see it. That’s ok. Honestly, I didn’t either. I watched about three-quarters of it out of a projection booth window, while babysitting a finicky lamphouse. Imagine Warren Beatty’s 1990 version of Dick Tracy mixed with Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow. Now take that mixture, wrap it in a Maxim magazine and mail it to Sin City. Notice I didn’t mention Will Eisner at all?

Read the FULL ARTICLE at cybermonkeydeathsquad.com!  I will be writing for CMDS throughout 2009, as well as keeping up with reviews on this very site.



  1. To clarify, this is NOT a review, as I did not see the film in its entirety. This is strictly an essay about why I felt The Spirit failed, both creatively and financially.

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