>> Obligatory 2008 Year-End “Least Favorite” List!

“Worst” is arguable; “Least Favorite” is not.  These are just the ones that I saw that I ended up hating.  I’m sure there were worse films this year than some of these, but pity the man who had to see them.

(EDIT:  This became a list of six after I discovered that I omitted Fanboys.)

6.  Repo!  The Genetic Opera (4.5/10–Read review here.)

“Check out the song “Seventeen”:  “Something’s changing/I can feel it/I’m seventeen now/Why can’t you see it?/Seventeen and you can’t stop me/Seventeen and you won’t boss me!/You cannot control me, father/Daddy’s girl’s a f***ing monster!”  And if you thought those lyrics were a little too on-the-nose and witless, then imagine a movie filled with songs like that, set to some of the least memorable melodies of any musical in recent memoty.  It’s unabashedly childish in its approach–campy, convoluted, and almost always annoying.”

5.  Fanboys (4/10–Read review here.)

“This astonishingly unfunny film, with its parade of cameos from Pineapple Express and piles of humorless Star Wars references,  is almost a chore to sit through…Will only find an audience exactly like the characters depicted in this movie–people so blindly in love with Star Wars that simply stating “Star Trek sucks!” is enough to elicit a belly laugh.”

4.  The Haunting of Molly Hartley (4/10–Read review here.)

“You really should’ve nailed down the specifics of the plot before you decided to become a movie, because the only people who are going to be able to enjoy this are 10-year olds, folks mentally unequipped to tell you exactly why the religious mumbo-jumbo and questionable psychiatry in your movie make your movie idiotic.  I literally can not understand you, and it’s your own fault.  There is not a single reason I can think of to tell anyone why they should see you, and I hope you are soon forgotten.  Good luck in your future life as the movie nobody wants in the “2 for $11″ Wal-Mart  discount bin.”

3.  Eagle Eye (4/10–Read review here.)

“You don’t have to be a technological genius to despise this movie.  Just a basic working knowledge of technology will make this film absolutely unwatchable, leaving the Amish and cavemen as director D.J. Caruso’s apparent target audience.”

2.  Deadgirl (3.5/10–Read review here.)

“I wanted every scene to end quickly; every character to please, stop talking.  This is an incredibly weak movie about potentially strong stuff. ”

1.  Disaster Movie (2/10–Read review here.)

“All of the dialogue in this movie consists of actors announcing who they are dressed up as and then leaving, or other characters pointing out who the other characters are and running away from them.  It’s not a movie; it’s a costume catalog.”


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  1. I remember reading the review for “Disaster Movie” and showing it to people.

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