>> Bloodshots 2008 and How You Can Help!

Bloodshots 2008

Bloodshots 2008

Bloodshots is a 48-hour horror film competition hosted by the Alamo Drafthouse every year. Participants are assigned a horror sub-genre, a weapon, and a line of dialogue. The teams have to then create a short film from the ground up, using that information, within 48 hours. Last year, Bleutuna got second place, in a competition that was solely decided by a panel of judges. But, this year…

They are selecting finalists through online voting at http://www.filmmakingfrenzy.com. This is where YOU come in. We need you to go HERE:


Register on the site, vote highly for our film, then spread the word! The top ranked films will then play at a screening during Fantastic Fest, where a panel of judges will award prizes to the top three.

I really need your help to get us to the finals.

Our sub-genre was “Deep Space Terror” (the only genre we didn’t have a decent contingency plan for), our weapon was “Bare Hands”, and the line of dialogue that all competitors had to use was “Sorry, I thought you were someone else”.

Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for taking the time to do this. This is the first narrative I’ve had a hand in directing, so I hope you enjoy it.

Your friend,


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