Some thoughts on this very site right here…

HulkWoman: “Money can’t buy happiness.”

Doctor: “It can’t buy poverty either.”

That’s some choice dialogue right there from 1984’s Sole Survivor. I looked up from folding my laundry, trying to figure out just what the heck that exchange meant. The film arrived from Netflix over the weekend, where I’d heard it was a precursor to Final Destination, only with ZOMBIES!, which sounds awesome, but I’m forty minutes into it and it is decidedly not awesome.

I’m telling you all this because I’m testing the waters a bit in regards to this website. In the past, I’ve reviewed movies and infrequently posted bits of news from websites that do a far better job of posting news than I do. I’d like to do something a little bit different with this blog, bur I didn’t really know what I could bring to the table (the very large table of internet movie pundits). What I have to bring to the table is me, and I think I need to shift gears a little, and stop with the news bits and try instead to inject more personal (but still movie-related) pieces into the site.

Because of this, Brandon Curtis’s bio has disappeared from the “About” page. His reviews were appreciated, especially so during a long, dry patch where I didn’t get to see anything in a theatre, but they simply stopped coming in a few months ago. He’s off tackling school right now, and we’re still great friends, but I’ve decided to forge it alone from now on. Of course, his existing reviews will stay up.

Instead of block-quoted text from better sites, I plan on talking about whatever I feel like, whenever I feel like, including ridiculing atrocious lines from a z-grade horror flick. I’m moving back to Austin this week and jumping into movie geekdom almost immediately. I’ve got tickets to The Machine Girl on Monday, an insane-looking Japanese splatter satire, The Foot Fist Way on Tuesday, which AICN compares to the UK version of The Office, and The Incredible Hulk on Wednesday, where Marvel Studios will try to bribe a good review from me by giving me free Hulk Hands and a chance to yell “HULK SMASH!” at actor Tim Roth.

They don’t need to twist my arm too hard–I’ve been a lifelong fan of the Hulk, and I’m more than willing to allow Marvel a second chance to do right by the Gamma Goliath. Ang Lee’s Hulk may be Marvel’s most stillborn film to date–well-crafted without an ounce of momentum, over-written without hitting any of the beats that count. I tried watching it again the other day, and it’s a film that erodes more and more with repeat viewings, seemingly growing longer and more incomprehensible with each pass. There have been worse Marvel films, for sure, but even the terrible ones zip along stupidly to their big finales. Hulk climaxes way too early, in the desert battle that takes place a half hour before the film’s intended climax–a quasi-metaphysical battle amongst storm clouds with a shape-changing Nick Nolte. Ang Lee may be a better director than Louis Letterier, but Letterier may understand the Hulk better than Lee. At the very least, Letterier knows the lowbrow thrill of an explosion or a bone-crunching punch to the jaw, and that’s already a step in the right direction.

Anyways, lots of content this week. I also hope you enjoy the changes.


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  1. Nice shift idea. I’d much rather read about your thoughts on random topics than a reiteration of news I’ve already read about.

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