>> Christian Bale cast as John Connor in “Terminator 4”

John ConnorHarry Knowles spills the beans over on AICN

“Just got off the phone with an extremely trusted source who has never been wrong before. he revealed exclusively to AICN that in the upcoming McG reboot, TERMINATOR SALVATION: The Future Begins, that they have cast CHRISTIAN BALE as none other than JOHN CONNER.”

The crazy capitalization is all Harry’s, but I’ll share in his enthusiasm. An interesting project just became a VERY interesting project. See–I can randomly capitalize too!




  1. I’m still not sold on McG. I’ll see Bale in anything though. Do you know if Reese (as in Michael Beihn’s character, not Witherspoon) is going to play a part in this film?

    Happy Thanksgiving

  2. I would suspect that Kyle Reese will be the next bit of casting news.

  3. also, have you been to Amazon lately? They’ve got a packaged deal for one of the toshiba brand hd dvd players for $199 w/ 10 free titles.

  4. bale in a terminator movie? i’m pretty baffled as to why he would hop into this series while he’s got batman going on. this seems weird to me.

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