>> Mulberry Street (John’s Review, 8/10)

Mulberry St. PosterWhen this film was over, I had to tell someone what I just saw. Mulberry Street is not a revolutionary film, barely an original film, but an effective film. It’s a harrowing nightmare of urban paranoia with the feel and depth of a well-made independent drama.

This is a fast-paced, low-budget take on plague zombies ala 28 Days Later, but places the fast-spreading virus into New York City. The city’s rats are infected with something horrible–something that causes humans to mutate into voracious rat-people with a single rat bite.

The story focuses primarily on former boxer, Clutch (Nick Damici, who also co-wrote the film), who awaits the return of his daughter (Kim Blair) from her recent military service. He’s one of a dozen tenants in a crappy apartment where most of the story takes place. It’s a simple story–a survival tale that will feel like old-shoe comfort to most horror fans, in the best way possible. Take interesting characters that we care about, let all hell break loose, pray for some folks to live by the time the credits roll. It’s a familiar formula, but it’s a formula because when it works, it works.

Director Jim Mickle has created a dark, frantic, entertaining movie that bests bigger budget horror flicks by delivering something that you’ve seen before in a way that feels exciting and new. Mickle is, quite frankly, a force to be reckoned with. He keeps things moving, always moving, and seems remarkably skilled at directing actors into performances that feel 100% natural. I’ll be surprised if this guy doesn’t either amass a cult following or make a big break-through hit someday (or both).

Mulberry Street is playing as part of the After Dark Horrorfest 2007 this week at theatres all over the U.S., so if you miss it, you’ll have to wait for the DVD. This is not only better than any of After Dark 06’s offerings, it’s one of the best films of the year in terms of delivering on what it promises.

8 on a 1 to 10 scale



  1. I got your message after I got out of the TOOL concert. I’ll have to check and see which theater here in town is playing these flicks.

  2. Did you spot Q at the Tool show?

  3. I did. He was yelling out to me as me, my brother, and a couple of friends sat down. I couldn’t locate who the hell was screaming my name, so I think I looked pretty stupid for a good 30 seconds before I found him and went over to say hi.
    He said they’re starting production on another Live Zombys short.

  4. They are filming my script “The Judged” which is pretty different from “The Farm”. If you ever want to be crew on a film, just give Q a call and I’m sure he’d be glad for the help.

  5. I’ll keep that in mind. I ain’t never been on no big hollywood set before.
    I just read your LJ post. Congrats on both sets of news.

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