>> The Rock to Play Bad Guy in “Shazam”

Black AdamAin’t It Cool News verified the long-standing rumor that Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson was in talks for a key role in John August’s live-action Shazam film–he’ll be playing Captain Marvel’s arch-enemy Black Adam.

The film is based on the long-running comic book, first published by Fawcett then DC, about a young orphaned boy who gains ancient powers from a reclusive wizard. The magic word “Shazam” turns the boy into a full-grown superheroic alter-ego named Captain Marvel. This is actually the third live-action Captain Marvel outing–he was featured in serials in the 1940’s, as well as a Saturday morning TV series in the 70’s–but more people are probably familiar with his magic word than the actual character behind that word.

Power-hungry Black Adam was a one-time pupil of the wizard, who expected to receive the Captain Marvel mantle, but didn’t due to his own treachery. The character has experienced a revival at DC recently in the best-selling comic series 52, where he was reimagined as a sort-of anti-hero.

Writer-director John August’s credits include Go, Big Fish, and the Charlie’s Angels films.  Shazam will begin production in 2008, with an eye towards a Summer ’09 release date. The role of Captain Marvel has yet to be cast.




  1. I don’t know comics. Is this good news? The character drawing looks like The Rock, and it may be interesting to see The Rock play a bad guy. Again, though, I don’t know comics or this series. Black Adam sounds like a kickass name though….

  2. Captain Marvel’s “Lex Luthor” is a mad scientist named Sivana, but I don’t know if Sivana is in the new movie. I don’t see he wouldn’t be in there.

    The Rock is good casting, but there is the question of how menacing he can be. I guess we’ll find out. On a side note, in the mid-90’s Shazam re-vamp by Jerry Ordway, Black Adam’s face was based on actor Boris Karloff.

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