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MTV spills the beans on “The Flash” feature…

“Wedding Crashers” and “Fred Claus” director David Dobkin revealed to MTV News that he’s signed with Warner Bros. to bring the fleet-footed super to the big screen in a solo project, taking over for Shawn Levy who left for undisclosed reasons.

Dobkin’s film won’t be the character’s first appearance in cinemas, of course, with the Flash a major part of the upcoming “Justice League of America” film. But while fans wait for “JLA” story and casting announcements with bated breath, Dobkin can’t help but hold his – confirming that his movie will exist in the same universe as the upcoming flick as a direct spin-off.

Which made his next comment all the more revelatory: Asked which version of the Flash would be the hero of his flick, Dobkin didn’t hesitate. “Wally West,” he said. This would seem to mesh perfectly with recent rumors that “JLA” opens with Barry Allen’s funeral.

From Levy to Dobkin, “The Flash” movie has certainly courted directors primarily known for their comedic work. But that doesn’t mean they’ll treat the character like a joke, Dobkin said. Asked about his vision for the Flash, Dobkin teased us with a somewhat melancholy tagline: “You can’t outrun yourself.”

Variety reports on a new “Green Lantern” project, finally putting to rest that awful idea that re-imagined the ring-bearing superhero as Jack Black ala Jim Carrey’s The Mask

Warner Bros. has set Greg Berlanti to direct “Green Lantern,” a live-action take on the DC Comics superhero.Berlanti will write the script with Marc Guggenheim and Michael Green. Donald De Line will produce; Andrew Haas is exec producer.

Berlanti hopes to make the jump to big-budget fantasy fare after serving as writer and exec producer on character-driven TV series “Dirty Sexy Money,” “Brothers & Sisters,” “Everwood,” “Jack & Bobby” and “Dawson’s Creek.” He previously directed 2000 feature “The Broken Hearts Club.”

Guggenheim, who works with Berlanti as a writer-producer on “Brothers & Sisters,” wrote the Marvel comicbooks “Amazing Spider-Man,” “Wolverine” and “Blade.” Green, the “Heroes” co-exec producer who worked with Berlanti on “Everwood” and “Jack & Bobby,” wrote the Marvel Comics title “Superman/Batman” and was a writer-producer on “Smallville.”

Could George Miller have found his Wonder Woman for the upcoming “JLA” film?  Moviehole thinks it’s Wolf Creek star Teresa Palmer…

The director of one of actress Teresa Palmer’s most recent movies dropped us a line to say the foxy blonde starlet has won the much coveted part of Wonder Woman in George Miller’s “Justice League”.

Palmer was one of a handful of actresses – including Minka Kelly and Mary Elizabeth Winstead – who tested for the part a week ago, with both studio and director reportedly crushin’ over the “December Boys” star’s audition.

Ain’t It Cool News has a detailed list of “JLA” spoilers, based on a screenplay leak, including what villains we’ll see in the highly anticipated film.  No Joker and no Lex, but Justice League fans will be treated to Batman comic love interest Talia Al Ghul, the daughter of Ras Al Ghul, the OMAC’s, powerful robots designed to kill super-heroes, and Maxwell Lord, who should only be played by Sam Neill if anyone is listening.  Most of the conflict in the film will be between DC’s Big Three–Superman, Wonder Woman, and Batman–and their philosophical differences lead them into a Kingdom Come-type argument/fist-fight.



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