>> The Winchesters Vs. Jason!

SupernaturalJason Voorhies didn’t even appear in the Friday the 13th TV series that used to air on Fox, but here he is making his TV debut during the third season of CW”s cult favorite SupernaturalSupernatural follows the exploits of Dean and Sam Winchester, brothers who travel around America investigating the things that go bump in the night.   From series creator Eric Kripke…

KRIPKE:  We have Jason from Friday the 13th, the character with the hockey mask.  He shows up in episode 10.  We have cleared the rights to actually use Jason.  We have a twist on it so it’s not really Jason out there, but we’ve found an interesting way to bring him in so Sam and Dean fight Jason from Friday the 13th.  In our world, that’s a pretty cool guest star.

I think what that “It’s really Jason/It’s not really Jason” double-speak means is that the story is written in such a way where it won’t affect the Friday the 13th canon.  I expect something along the lines of the Winchesters getting sucked into a movie, or a movie character coming to life–that sort of thing.  We’ll see.  Supernatural airs Thursdays at 9pm EST on CW.





  1. I was a big fan of Supernatural, cause you bought Season 1. Season 2 seemed to have lost its way somewhat.

    This cross-promotion crap makes no sense to me. I guess as a geek it’s cool? But it just seems like a stupid publicity stunt more than anything. I can’t imagine how a good story will come of this.

  2. I first heard this on Night of the Living Podcast–apparently the Jason appearance has been canceled (for now?).


  3. Please oh please keep writing! Your articles are wonderful!

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