>> Chris Pine: The All-New Captain James T. Kirk

Chris Pine

Looks like J.J. Abrams has found his Captain Kirk for the new Star Trek film. From the blog of director Joe Carnahan, who had cast Chris Pine in his upcoming James Ellroy adaptation White Jazz:

“The young man playing Junior Stemmons has opted to ‘boldly go where no man has gone before’ and thus, had to bow out of WHITE JAZZ. I’ve been talking to him this past week and knew how tough the decision had to be for him. I don’t envy ever being in that spot but I gave him my full support, even if it meant he didn’t do JAZZ. I get it. You don’t get opportunities like that often and I told him as long as he could control as much of that process as possible and not get sucked into doing lesser sequels as a result of taking this gig, then good luck and God bless.”

I have no opinion on Mr. Pine, other than to say he looks very, very, very pretty.


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  1. I think he looks a little weird. His eyes give me the heeby-jeebies. And dude’s gonna’ have to be super charismatic to even come close to beginning to wear the shoes of ol’ William Shatner.

    And I have no doubt that Pine’s cover of ‘Common People’ would pale in comparison to the real James T. Kirks!

  2. i agree that there is only one shatner and those are enormous shoes to fill. i made a mockup of the star trek cast minus the horse dude from lord of the rings as bones. maybe it’ll work?

  3. I wouldnt do him. Even if I was green.

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