>> Movie Ads Make a Cool Half-Billion

23463328.jpgRevenue from ads on movie screens reached $455.7 million in 2006, up 15% from $394.8 million in 2005, according to a report out today from the Cinema Advertising Council.Offscreen revenues, including all ad initiatives in theaters that don’t involve the movie screen, also surged 15%, hitting $38.3 million from $33.2 million in 2005.

Clifford E. Marks, the org’s prexy and chairman as well as prexy of sales and marketing at major onscreen ad firm National CineMedia, said the revenue gain is only part of the story. The resistance to the notion of ads before a feature film has significantly eroded among audiences and ad buyers alike, he said.

“If you go back to when we were putting up slides and showing photos of local Realtors, we have come a really long way,” Marks said. “You don’t hear of people booing commercials or the backlash we used to hear from people.”

That’s because we’re used to it, not because we like it. These people are fooling themselves.





  1. I can remember the moment, but not the film, where a very long advert elicited an audible groan when it ended in a terrible anti-climax. It was like a film trailer for 5 minutes that ended in ‘use such and such perfume’. But such unity of feeling it rare, it would have to be a really terrible advert for a whole theater audience to overcome their apathy and boo.

  2. I am sooooo sick of ads before movies, I have NEVER went “Oh look honey there is a new fragrance by body fantasy we should go by Wal-Mart after the movie and pick it up.” I just wanna watch movies damn it!

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