>> Fantastic Fest 3: Flight of the Living Dead (John’s Review, 6.5/10)


flightoflivingdead.jpgThere are a dozen or more good reasons for me to not like this film, but I suggest you write them all down on a piece of spiral notepaper and stick them someplace dark and hairy. Flight of the Living Dead rocks. Zombies on a plane are automatically a more interesting threat than snakes on a plane. Why? Because I’m pretty damn sure that snakes have actually been on a plane before and have never taken out the entire passenger list while in transit. Thus, snakes automatically require more suspension of disbelief than zombies. We’ve never in the history of manned flight seen a zombie on a plane, so who can predict how they will actually react? Director Scott Thomas and screenwriters Sidney Iwanter and Mark Onspaugh provide one nightmare zombies-on-a-plane scenario in their bloody, low-budget mile-hile romp.

Seems a genetically modified virus developed by the government (echoing, no, completely aping Return of the Living Dead) has snuck its way onto a commercial flight by a morally questionable scientist (character actor Erick Avari). He’s transporting a fellow doctor dead in a box and can’t wait to get to the ground to show everyone the miracle of undead reesurrection. Nothing ever goes as planned in any zombie film. Of course that doctor breaks free, and of course she starts eating people and spreading zombie-ism all over the plane with gut-munching, splattery fervor. It’s pretty great. Along for the ride are a handful of familiar faces and character actors including David Chisum (Pet Semetary), Kevin J. O’Connor (The Mummy), and Richard Tyson (Three O’Clock High).

This isn’t going to revolutionize horror filmmaking. Heck, it’s probably going to be considered unwatchable by the movie’s title alone, and left to rot on video store shelves across America. That’s too bad. This is the dumb fun that Snakes on a Plane should’ve been. It doesn’t matter that it was made solely to cash in on a mis-predicted “Blanks on a Blank” craze; it’s fast, raucous, and goofy. It ain’t art, but I likes it.

6.5 on a 1 to 10 scale


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