>> Fantastic Fest 3: Aachi & Ssipak (John’s Review, 7.5/10)

aachi_ssipak_poster2.jpg Here’s a story we haven’t seen before–a future world where human poo is the most precious commodity, so much so that the government installs a ring-shaped chip into every citizen’s anus, rewarding heavy poopers with “juicybars”, an addictive chemical popsicle that turns you into a blue-skinned mutant if you consume too many of them. This may be the most original idea for a film in human history. Did I mention it was animated?

Basically, the movie follows juicybar black market hustlers Aachi and Ssipak, as they protect a girl who’s been given a reprogrammed anal ring by a struggling movie director, one that dispenses hundreds of juicybars with just one poo. She’s being pursued by juicybar addicts The Diaper Gang, a grinning group of smurf-like bandits, who routinely raid government supplies of the dangerous popsicle. It all sounds like a fever dream doesn’t it? Put Beavis and Butthead, John Woo, comic artist Dave Cooper, Akira, and Klasky-Csupo in a blender and you might come up with the closest equivalent to the truly bizarre action orgy that transpires in this film.

Wholly original, even when paying homage to a vast array of movies including Misery and Terminator, Aachi & Ssipak has to be seen to be believed. The opening sequence of the film may be one of the greatest action sequences ever. Not just in animated film history, I mean EVER. That’s not to say the film is perfect–ultimately, the characters are too annoying, the situations too audacious to sustain itself for two hours. Still, ya gotta see this one to believe it.

7.5 on a 1 to 10 scale


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  1. Sounds like you made your way into the coprophiliac’s convention by mistake.

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