>> “Freddy Vs. Jason” Writers on New “Friday” Remake

jasoncomic1.jpgThe Freddy and Jason parts of Freddy Vs. Jason were quite fun. The rest of it was pretty awful. How do you remake the first Friday the 13th with Jason as the killer in a hockey mask, when it was his mom in a raincoat as the killer in that first movie?


“A reliable tipster phoned in this evening (and this source is 100% solid gold, baby) to tell us Dunes is putting their proposed Friday the 13th on the pre-strike roster with the aim to begin shooting sometime in early 2008. The Dunes team, Brad Fuller and Andrew Form, we’ve been told, have also officially locked a new pair of writers to tackle the property…Damian Shannon and Mark Swift.

This duo, we’re sure you recall, ultimately won out and penned 2003’s successful Freddy vs. Jason after New Line had spent years developing the big screen battle royale. Platinum Dunes has faced its share of struggle dragging a new Friday the 13th out of the mire; early drafts by Mark Wheaton (The Messengers) were mulled over and abandoned, and Jonathan Liebesman (The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning) was attached as a director. No word yet if Liebesman is still attached – we hope to bring you word on that soon.”

Shock Till You Drop



  1. If Jason is going to be the bad guy, then can you technically even consider it a remake? Speaking of the Mom being the killer…I don’t fully recall because I haven’t seen the original Friday since I was about ten, but in the scene where Kevin Bacon is killed (or whomever it is that’s killed while lying on a bed) and we see the arm of the killer come up from underneath the bed to cover Bacon’s mouth, did the arm seem to be a really masculine looking arm? I don’t own the movie to revisit it and watch, but I remember being thrown off when I was younger because I was sure that the bad guy was a man because the arm looked pretty manly.

  2. I was wondering how long it would be before another studio would be jumping on the” lets renew an old franchise of a worn out horror series.”I am a fan of the series. I have been there when the fourth instalment made me scream and want to run through the kitchen window along with the family dog. I liked it when they did the deeper believable story line of a drowned child that had been teased as a child. It made you feel sorry for him, kinda. Then after he was launched into space, drug by boat to New York harbor, and then sent to Hell by his niece who had left Buck Rogers to be a waitress…..I was kinda over it all. Even freddy couldnt bring him back. Even after all that I will probley rent it on a Saturday morning and watch it while I nap.

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