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avp2.jpgI am not particularly crazy about the new “trailer” for the AVP sequel that consists of a bunch of no-name actors getting killed in gory ways during a poorly-edited montage, but I’m even more put-off by the fact that this takes place in a sleepy, modern American town. That’s just dumb. I will attempt to reserve judgment until the movie is released, but, wow, are they off to a bad start, as far as I’m concerned. Is it true there’s a fight scene in a freakin’ K-Mart??? I wish I were kidding.

AVP: Requiem co-director Greg Strauss hints that we might see the Predator homeworld in his upcoming sequel to AVP: Aliens Vs. Predator, along with the grown-up version of that chestburster from the end of the first film…


“Recently, Greg attended a Fango Weekend of Horrors convention, where he confirmed that a “crossbreed” or hybrid creature indeed appears in the film and, in fact, plays a pretty major role in the storytelling. “She’s in the trailer: the Pred-Alien,” Strause explains. “Her nickname is Chet, but that’s our inside joke. It’s not an official name.”

Hmmm…intensity, a solid story, an obvious hard R rating and the long-awaited appearance of a Pred-Alien… So far, so good. But what about the worry that everything that’s cool about the new film has already been shown or suggested in that coming attraction? Strause puts those concerns to rest: “Not true. There’s lots of stuff still unseen—complete scenes that are not in the trailer.” Then he lets loose the juiciest of tidbits: “A new world perhaps…”

Might this be the film that finally offers a glimpse of either creature’s home world? Only time will tell.”




  1. “finally offers a glimpse of either creature’s home world?” Haven’t we already had a glimpse of the Alien home world? Twice? Or am I mistaken?

  2. Nope, no glimpse of the Alien homeworld yet.

  3. I need to rewatch the series then. My mind tricks me.

  4. In Alien, they are on a planet investigating a downed ship full of eggs, but never specified as the Alien homeworld.

    In Aliens, I don’t think they establish that it’s the homeworld either.

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