>> Englund Wants “V” to Happen Again

v_alien1.jpgRobert Englund seems to love to talk about projects that don’t exist–previously stirring fans up about Freddy vs. Jason vs. Ash and rumors of a “serious” Elm Street prequel. Keep that in mind when you read his thoughts from the London Film & Comic Con.

For the young-un’s, “V” was aTV mini-series that led to a short-lived NBC program about reptilian aliens taking over the Earth. About all I remember is an episode where a human lays an egg, which might sound really cool, but my friend Erik assures me the show hasn’t aged well.


“We were at the London Film and Comic Con over the past weekend and we managed to sit in on the last few minutes of a talk that Robert Englund was giving. We not only heard the guy repeat that John Carpenter was ‘talking’ about having some sort of role in the FREDDY VS. JASON VS. MICHAEL movie (he’s been at New Line discussing the project according to Englund), but also that a new re-imagining of his hit 1980’s TV series V may be in the works.

Englund did add however, that it was unlikely that he would be involved in the new project, and that a whole new bunch of new, younger actors would be brought on board for the new show. It’s an interesting little rumour, and we’ll see how it develops, but we love the idea of a new V series. Even if it is without Englund (the man did say that he would love to return to the series, and said that he’d like to have seen the new show based around the original characters, twenty to thirty years on).”

Hollywood News


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