>> “Atlas Shrugged” Adaptation Gains Director

angelina-jolie-39.jpgLionsgate has brought on Vadim Perelman to rewrite “Atlas Shrugged” and direct Angelina Jolie in the starring role.While Lionsgate needs to get a final script before formally committing to a start date with Perelman at the helm, the move puts the company in a strong position for an early 2008 production start, just a shade over 50 years after Ayn Rand’s famed novel was first published in 1957.

Pic will be produced by Howard and Karen Baldwin and Media Talent Group’s Geyer Kosinski.

Perelman will work from a draft of the script penned by “Braveheart” scribe Randall Wallace, who managed to boil down the Rand manifesto of 1,100-plus pages into a 127-page script. The drama revolves around what happens when great industrialists and thinkers go on strike and the world grinds to a halt.

Wallace will remain involved, and in a recent meeting with Perelman, the pair traded Russian dialogue. Perelman was born in Kiev, while Wallace has picked up the language researching his Catherine the Great pic “The Mercenary”; Rand was born in Russia. Perelman has brought his own take that will be incorporated into Wallace’s script.

Perelman’s latest film, the Uma Thurman-Evan Rachel Wood starrer “In Bloom,” premieres at the Toronto Film Festival. It’s his first since his 2003 breakthrough, “House of Sand and Fog.”



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  1. This is definitely something that’s freaking Paul out. He’s been wanting to do find a way to do “Anthem,” and he’s worried that no matter what the outcome of this movie will be, itll result in an inability for him to find funding to get Anthem off the ground.

    Of course, its a pipe dream, like any desire i might have for a Zelda film, but still,its interesting to see Paul annoyed about something that’s such a distant and remote possibility.

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